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Wild Pitches

I am pleased to present Wild Pitches, my sixth collection of original compositions for piano. This album differs from the first five in that I am the only pianist to perform, but I want Korin, Derek, Ellie, and Ben to know that I do forgive them for leaving me all alone this time. Although I had no pianist collaborators, I am grateful that I was able to borrow the great vocal talent of Joe Church for “Eclipse.”

White Coat Compositions

White Coat Composition is my third CD of original works for piano, but the first on which I have included vocal compositions. For a pair of these songs, I have been very fortunate to borrow the talents of two senior medical students, Geoffroy Sisk and Alexandra Kejner. My three wonderful children again have contributed as instrumentalists and I have also included one brief composition by my younger son, Ben.

Measuring Up

I’m pleased to present Measuring Up, my fifth album of original compositions for piano. The final two selections were composed by my younger son, Ben, who is well on his way to surpassing his father! It is dedicated to my own beloved father, Burril Fine, who died the morning before our final recording session. I cannot express adequately how much he will be missed.

Conversation Pieces, Vol. 1

Conversation Pieces is a compilation of some of my favorite pieces from the last few decades. So that I could share more of these “highlights” with you, I have edited most of the pieces, chiefly by eliminating section repeats. Because many of the pieces I have composed were dedicated to particular people, I wish to emphasize that my decisions about which ones to include were based solely on the musical attributes of the pieces, never on my level of affection for these individuals!

Medical Records

I am proud to present Medical Records, my tenth album. For this project, I have had the honor of collaborating with two other pianist-composers who happen to work, as I do, at the University of Michigan Hospital: Errick Thomas and Daniel Cronin. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with these two talented musicians.

Chords on the Table

It is a pleasure for me to introduce Chords on the Table, the eighth in my series of CD’s of original compositions for piano. With the exception of The Bones Song, all of the pieces were newly composed within the last six months or so (though I should mention that this CD does feature a greater emphasis on improvisation in the recording studio).

Doctor’s Notes

It took me almost 40 years from the time I first started composing piano music to produce a compilation on CD (Fine Tuning, 2006). Once I finally learned how to do it, I’m glad to say, I was able to complete this 2nd CD in a more expedient manner! Doctor’s Notes contains piano music in a variety of styles and it is my hope that everyone who listens will find some pieces to enjoy.

Sound Bites

It is my pleasure to share my 9th album of original compositions for piano, Sound Bites. How is this album different from the others? Well, the compositions are significantly longer, on average, than those on my previous albums and, for the first time, I have not included any pieces composed before I started producing studio albums ten years ago. Moreover, the studio has a new grand piano!

Digital Medicine

I’m pleased to present my second digital album, “Digital Medicine.” I’ll be adding new compositions just as soon as they are completed and recorded!

Fine Tuning

This CD is a compilation of twenty piano pieces that I composed between 1972 (when I had a full head of hair but little insight into the human condition) and 2006 (when I had little of either). The various pieces that I have included represent many different periods of my life and serve for me as sweet reminders of people and places that remain very dear to me.